Neighbourhood Forum Structure

All residents and businesses in Hanford or Trentham are invited to join the FORUM by simply completing an application form. Membership of the Forum will give you a vote at a GENERAL MEETING and a chance to join the STEERING GROUP

The Inaugural meeting of the FORUM will vote 10 members to the STEERING GROUP.

The STEERING GROUP is responsible for the development of the NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN. The STEERING GROUP will report back to FORUM GENERAL MEETINGS 2 or 3 times a year .

FORUM GENERAL MEETINGS are open public meetings. Any member of the public will be able to ask questions and join in discussions but ONLY MEMBERS OF THE FORUM WILL BE ABLE TO CAST A VOTE. This meeting will asked to comment on the NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN throughout its development stage, and will be required to approve the final draft NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN.

You can join the FORUM as

  • A Resident Member ie you live in the Hanford and Trentham
  • A Business Member you own or represent a business in Hanford and Trentham
  • An Organisation Member you represent an organisation operating in Hanford and Trentham